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Construction Estimating Services

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Construction Estimating and
Cost Reporting Services

Construction Estimating Services
We can provide complete, partial or check estimates on Highway and Bridge Construction projects, from $1 million to $200 million.  We will work right up to and thru bid submittal if desired.  On successful bids, we can provide post-bid work such as updating the final bid to include the all the last minute cut/adds.  We can also prepare an accurate cost report to be used by project or corporate management.

Develop Cost Reporting and Forecasting Systems
We review your current costing systems, design reports and systems to monitor and project final cost at completion.  We will create monthly, quarterly and yearly cash flow monitoring reports.  The result is improved bottom-line and increased investor confidence in the accuracy of the monthly financial reports.  This in turn improves the forecasting of the results of costs at completion.  Accurate information from construction projects provides more accurate information in the documentation of possible requests for additional compensation or claim.

Estimating and Costing Related Services
Our construction and engineering related services include assisting contractors, owners or engineers to organize or manage the design build process and provide constructability reviews on projects under design, bidding or on-going; and in reviewing existing projects and forecasting costs at completion.  We review your project construction engineering procedures and make recommendations to improve the reporting of costs and quantities.

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